WhizComms Challenges ALL Trade Show Prices – Lowest Priced 1Gbps Home Broadband with Mesh Wi-Fi Solution at Less Than $1.50/day PLUS Savings Worth Over $300 for Each Subscriber!

  • Savings from trade show participation has been directly translated to the lowest priced plans to benefit WhizComms customers
  • No frills broadband plans available from $32/month (almost $1/day) with free activation fees and free delivery including on weekends!
SINGAPORE, 22 November 2017 – For the first time ever, WhizComms (local broadband service provider) challenges all trade show prices by offering lowest priced 1Gbps home fibre broadband service plans to all customers in town. By not participating in any trade shows, they will be transferring all the setup and logistic costs directly to savings to benefit customers.

At only less than $1.50/day ($42/month), customers get to enjoy 1Gbps Home Broadband service with Mesh Wi-Fi solution. This plan allows customers to enjoy seamless and uninterrupted Wi-Fi connection in every corner of their homes. On top of that, the first 100 customers who sign up for this plan will receive an additional free 1 unit of TP-Link Deco M5 router that provides true mesh networking system to completely cover the home with Wi-Fi. It also comes with additional features to enhance online surfing experiences, such as antivirus and parental controls.

Find out more about WhizComms’ Price Plans in the table below.

Promotion ends 5 December 2017.

By Harry