May 11, 2010, Taipei, Taiwan – ASRock Inc., the leading motherboard manufacturer today proudly announce its X58 Extreme3 and X58 Extreme motherboards now support Intel’s newly launched six-core Xeon W3680 processor. Differed from desktop models, ASRock X58 Extreme3 and X58 Extreme motherboards can now support server CPU usage and even with ECC memory !

Intel® Xeon W3680 processor is the Intel’s first 6 processing core, 32nm server CPU, supports ECC. ECC is predominantly applied on server processor rather than on desktop CPUs. It is a method used to detect and correct errors introduced during storage or data transmission. With the latest BIOS update, the X58 Extreme3 and X58 Extreme motherboard can support it as it shows in below pictures! ASRock is always devoted to helping users to get more from your PC! This time, ASRock motherboards bring a revolution of CPU utilization to PC users and provides today’s most demanding extreme level of processing power for gaming, computing and overclocking enthusiasts. By adopting the ECC memory, Intel Xeon W3680 processor and paired with ASRock X58 motherboards, you will be assured to have the ultra stable and reliable computing experience!