The popular Xiaomi Pocophone F1 does not have Widevine L1. So what is Widevine L1? Basically, to stream High Definition Netflix, Amazon Video, Hulu, BBC, all the major players rely on this Widevine L1 DRM (digital rights management) support.

This is required so that the video streams can’t be copied from the stream. There are three levels, HD 720p requires L1. L3 is for 540p which is supported.

Widevine can’t be installed OTA. A check on other Xiaomi phones using the DRM Info app shows that it only supports Widevine L3.

So, if you are not so particular of 720p video streams or don’t watch any Netflix etc, this might not be a real concern for you.

As usual, I suspect that Xiaomi can deliver such a cheap phone is probably because of certain omission of some licenses. Is it a bug or build to be so ?

If you own a Redmi phone, you would probably also noticed that the phones don’t support inter band carrier aggregation, so your 4G+ is intra band which won’t really take much advantage of increased bandwidth.