Another new player has joined in the crowded MVNO space. They are now offering 4 SIM ONLY plans starting from $8.80 for 8 GB to $88.80 for 150 GB.

ZOH runs on M1 infrastructure. So, we should be expecting VoLTE and VoWIFI support.

Something to take note is that excess data charges will be billed to you based on the prevailing pay-per-use rates. You can refer to the ZΩH app on your smartphone to monitor your usage.

For every sign up, sign up 6 mth of PRIVADA GLOBAL VPN, subscribers will get a free 18 months Privada Global VPN subscription.

ZOH also has 3 roaming plans you can choose from starting from $12/mth. The 3 plans cover provides 1 GB of data.

On first look, the price plans don’t seem attractive enough. Nowadays, data roaming is provided free in some SIM only plans but ZOH is offering only 1 GB for a minimum of $12/mth. That is a bit unrealistic. Furthermore, ZΩH roaming plans are data-only plans, so international outgoing talk time or SMS is not available, but you can receive international SMS.

The other plans e.g. $18.80/mth for 30 GB is not competitive enough when M1 is selling a 5G (3 mths) plan for only $19.95/mth for 100 GB.

One thing for sure, if you are the first timer signing up for a new line, they do have a good series of good numbers for you to choose from.

Here is some information from their website :

ZΩH pronounced as ZOH, is of Greek origin and means “Life”
We are the New Kid on The Block, and with a competitive MVNO market in Singapore, our strength will be our understanding of our customer preferences. This will enable us to grow strength to strength.
We provide a diverse range of mobile and data roaming plans to corporate, small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

We seek to be completely transparent, fully customisable. No complicated bundles or packages. Just peace of mind that you’re getting the best deal.
So, let’s start saving with ZΩH now!

By Harry