On 31 March 2020, MyRepublic launched two new plans – Lite and Pro plans at $10 / mth and $29 / mth.

Our reader feedback to us that he discovered better speed with this new plan and VoLTE is enabled after porting into MyRepubilc. Initially, he thought it could be a configuration issue. A network reset and reconfiguration of the profiles were done to confirm the suspicion. Yes VoLTE works.

Indeed, for plans sign up after 31 March 2020, MyRepublic MVNO newer plans will run on M1 infrastructure and it provides VoLTE support. The old plans will continue to ride on Starhub’s infrastructure.

MyRepublic sudden switch tells us that something might happen in the future for the MVNOs. Will they all start to support VoLTE after Circles.Life and now MyRepublic.

The image is cropped from Network Cell Info which shows that MyRepublic is indeed using M1’s infrastructure. It can be seen that the MCC/MNC code is 525-03 which is M1.

By Harry