Changi Mobile is the latest MVNO that joins the crowded MVNO space in Singapore. While the market seems saturated with the number of MVNOs, we are seeing higher mobile penetration rates e.g. more people are holding multiple lines, e.g. data lines.

Last week, Changi Mobile has started accepted registrations online on their website or app. The process is very straightforward. You can choose to port in your old number of choose a new one. Verification of identity is through Singpass. It just took me less than 5 minutes to complete the registration.

We received the SIM today. The SIM comes in a 3 in 1 SIM format. It also comes with a SIM slot pin for you to eject the SIM tray of your phone. (just in case you lose it).

Changi Mobile SIM card

After downloaded the Changi Go App and activated the SIM card. We were able to view the data, talkime and sms usage. Initially, when we tried to activate the SIM, there seems to be a software bug which forbids us to view the usage. This was resolved pretty quickly by contacting them via facebook messenger.

Similar to most M1 MVNOs, it supports VoLTE. It also supports VoWIFI.

In this app, you can also buy more data, talktime, sms or roaming data. You can check out the various pricing in the gallery below.


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By Harry