When there is competition, every player will try to improve their pricing structure and services to compete with one another. Although Changi Mobile isn’t the cheapest MVNO available, it goes the extra mile in providing a 24 hrs support through social media and operator support (via phone number). good support system. I was quite surprised when I can get someone to look into some technical issues around midnight.

Changi mobile did not seem to throttle the speed. Things might change over time though.

As for 5G, it seems that M1 lock out all MVNOs. If you read our site, you probably read that we had some luck connecting 5G NSA on the Gorilla Mobile,

This SIM only plan (free from contract) allows you to change your mobile plan (upgrade or downgrade) anytime. You can also add more data, talktime and SMS anytime. You can also SAVE any unused data to be roll over for use in the next month.

All plans comes with free incoming call, free incoming SMS, free Caller ID, free SIM delivery and there is no Activation fee. *Free 1 mth data roll over is valid till 31 DEC 2021.

I personally think the S$8 plan is attractive for low usage users like students and the senior citizens including NSFs. It is a good move to attract this large customer base which was rather neglected by other MVNOs.

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