Review of Singapore’s 4th telco TPG LTE network


Review of Singapore’s 4th telco TPG Trial network

6 Jan 2019

TPG begins it’s trial of it’s LTE network starting from Woodlands users. Pre registered users collected their SIM cards and are offered a 12 months trial. The selected users will be given 2 GB per day of data at 4G speeds and it will be throttled to 1 Mbps after the first 2 GB is consumed. The 4G speed will be reset after midnight. Effectively, the plan simply give users a 30 x 2GB or 60 GB of data per month with unlimited 1 Mbps connection throughout the day. It also include 20 call minutes to landlines and 20 SMS. There is unlimited calls to local mobile lines.

As TPG is a 4G network, voice calls will only be available in VoLTE mode. Newer phone models will support this feature.

TPG SIM card 3 in 1 Normal SIM, MicroSIM and NanoSIM in one

We will be conducting tests at various (ongoing) in the next couple of days. So stay tuned to this page.

3 TPG SIM cards collected

TPG SIM card activated

Before you begin, you will need to manually assign a APN to the TPG SIM.

The parameters to used are :

APN name : tpg
APN : tpg

 If your smartphone supports VoLTE, you will get a SMS notification which looks like this :

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