Review of Singapore’s 4th telco TPG LTE network

Voice calls


On Xiaomi phones, you can enable VoLTE using this command, just key in a the dial pad and dial *#*#86583#*#*

All three phones Huawei Nova 3, Xiaomi Mimax 2 and Samsung Galaxy Note 8 supports VoLTE.

Although VoLTE is enabled, tester is unable to make any voice calls. Making calls to the TPG numbers from other telco or fixed line failed too.

Update: TPG to TPG calls work but any outgoing or incoming calls from other telcos don’t. TPG to TPG voice calls work on Huawei Nova 3i and Xiaomi MiMax2., Redmi 5 plus. Tester can’t get it to work on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and Oppo R17Pro.

Here are a list of phone models that work with TPG’s VoLTE.

Officially supported

Huawei Nova 3i
Samsung S9 / S9+
Honor 10 Lite

Others that work

Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus
Xiaomi MiMax 2
Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 Qualcomm (regional setting to Malaysia)
Xiaomi Redmi Note 5
Xiaomi Mi A1 (Do not upgrade to Android PIE)
Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite (Do not upgrade to Android PIE)
Xiaomi Pocophone F1
Samsung A7
Samsung S9+ (With Jan 2019 firmware non telco set, update 26/1/2019)
ASUS Zenfone 4
One Plus 6T (with modifications – see FB group user posting
Redmi Note 7 (updated 3rd Feb 2019)

For more updates, please visit our telco Facebook grp.

*Most of the XIaomi/Redmi smartphones with Snapdragon should work after entering code *#*#86583#*#* , you should receive a SMS notification that your phone can now use TPG’s VoLTE Voice to make voice calls.


The following devices do not work with VoLTE as yet.

Oppo R17 Pro
Pixel 3 / 3 XL
Samsung S9
Apple iPhone (all series)
Huawei Mate 10
Huawei Mate 9
LG G7+ ThinQ

Update on 8 Jan 2018: Voice calls to Fixed Line e.g. banks work but calling home fixed line doesn’t. Calling to mobile numbers do not work at this moment. e.g 62255225 (CITIBANK), 65427788 (Weather Forecast).. Calling to MyRepublic fixed line works.

Update on 26/1/2019 : Voice calls and SMS to and from M1 networks (except Fibre fixed line) works with TPG. To date, TPG voice calls can receive calls or make calls to 

  1. Starhub/MyRep/VivoBee lines
  2. M1/circlelife/pldt mobile lines

Singtel/zero1/zeromobile numbers are still unreachable when called using TPG VoLTE (except Singtel fixed line 6 series numbers).

Update on 28 Jan 2019

Voice calls to and from TPG to Singtel/Zero1 works. SMS fails. Calls to Fixed line 6 series number of M1 Fibre broadband still couldn’t work.

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