Signal Strength and Speedtest


Signal strength of TPG

TPG seems to be using LTE BAND 40, TDD 2300MHz as shown in the test. From what we understand, it also operates under BAND 8, 900 MHz.

Here is a screen shot of the TPG signal strength tested in Woodlands Ave 9. The Huawei Nova 3i is used with 2 SIM, one from TPG and the other is a Zero1.


Here is a speedtest result conducted on the SIM.

Updated : Speed above ground from Woodlands down to Bukit Batok are generally very stable and signal is strong. Here are some speed test results. TPG seems to have the strongest signal in the WESTERN part of Singapore above ground. North Eastern is poorly covered unless you are switched to Band 40 which is probably found indoors.

Signal at Bukit Batok MRT station

Speedtest at Bukit Batok MRT station

15 thoughts on “Review of Singapore’s 4th telco TPG LTE network”
  1. Some tips I can share for xiaomi user who are unable to use VoLTE even after dialing *#*#86583#*#* and even switching VoLTE on
    Go to APN setting and add this
    Name: ims
    APN: ims
    APN Type: ims
    do not change APN protocol
    It Works on my mum’s Redmi 4A when I test TPG SIM in her phone,got VOLTE Icon after setting it and calling another phone to test, the other phone ring.
    Heard from one post on the miui forum about VoLTE in singapore

  2. Hope you can help me out. I am registering for the free SIM card for 1st 200,000
    I have passed the 1st page uploading NRIC/FIN document, the next page has a problem and not able to proceed..

    Mobile Service
    TPG does not currently support Number Porting. Porting will be made available in the future.
    I agree to get a new mobile number from TPG
    Select your preferred number
    Select your preferred number *
    Error occur when retrieving number.
    Please select a number.
    Not able to proceed from here..

      1. For the time being, if are interested, you can contact any friends that has applied 4 cards to lend one to you if they are willing.

    1. I think their server is overloaded. THey have temporarily closed applications.
      Perhaps you want to check regularly and other FB pages for updates
      when they start accepting applications again.. It is really fastest fingers fast.

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