If you are attending the IT SHOW 2010 starting tomorrow at SUNTEC Singapore, do not forget to check out the ZyXEL WAP3205 Wireless N Access point.

The ZyXEL WAP3205 is a 300Mbps Wireless N access point with advanced features that enables home and Soho users to upgrade wireless speed and coverage easily for their wireless networks. With a data transfer rate of up to 300Mbps*, which is 6 times faster than 11g, users can enjoy high-speed network connection and high-definition video streaming no matter where they are, at home or the office. Better yet, it also works with existing 802.11b and 802.11g networks.

The ZyXEL WAP3205 supports five different modes – access point, wireless client, wireless bridge, WDS repeater and universal repeater.

In its wireless client mode, the WAP3205 gives non-wireless capable devices such as modems, set-top boxes, digital media adapters and storage devices wireless capability simply by using a Ethernet cable to connect to the WAP3205 and without any driver too. The ZyXEL WAP3205 can also allow different groups of users to access different networks through its multiple SSID support. Users can assign different policies and functions to each SSID, and thus increase the flexibility and efficiency of the network infrastructure.

Security setup for the WAP3205 is a breeze with the one-touch Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) push button. Instead of entering a pass phrase, users can authenticate a new device on the network by pressing a
single button or by entering an automatically generated PIN code. With the button option, users could even setup the wireless configuration and encryption with just a simple click.

The ZyXEL WAP3205, 5-in-1 access point, offers users a wide array of functionality for flexible applications thus making it ideal for wireless networking in any environment.