H55 with Pentium G6950 performance detailed against G45, G41

Our reader sends in this chart scanned from a local paper. In the chart, the H55 is compared to three other platforms, G41, G45 and GF 9300 running on LGA775 E6550 @2.53GHz while the H55 runs with Pentium G6950 @2.53GHz. The LGA775 systems runs on 2GB DDR2-800 C5-5-5-18-2T while the LGA1156 system runs on DDR3-1066 @C7-8-8-21. Platform : Vista 32bits SP2.

From the chart, we can see that the H55 definitely runs better than the predecessors. When compared to GF9300, it is still slightly behind.

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  • Alonso

    TMW, you missed that Mhz are not all of the equation. Intel learned that with Pentium 4. A 3 Ghz P4 Dual Core (Pentium D) can be beated by a 1.86 GHz Core 2 Duo, even by a Pentium Dual Core E2200…

    This Pentium G6950 sure can beat most of all Core 2 Duos, including ALL o Pentium Dual Core 775 and i’m sure that the powerfull C2D E8xxx series.

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    how much does the new Pentium G6950 cost? it doesn’t come cheap since it’s a new innovation and dont expect to get it at the same price as the similiar clocked E6550, graphic for free?

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  • Arc

    With the Pentium CPU, you seem to get the graphics for free. How much does a GF9300 cost, and is it still worth spending the extra money for the difference in performance?

    Maybe if you’re a gamer – but then, wouldn’t you spend at least $100 on a decent graphics card?