The recently announced Radeon HD 7790 is now the mid range card that will get the utmost attention. Other than it’s pricing, it is able to overclock pretty well. It’s default GPU CLK on most manufacturer’s card is rated at 1075MHz, and memory clock is rated at 1500MHz.

The GPU and MEM Clock can be adjusted easily using the AMD Overdrive feature included in the Radeon drivers. The GPU clock has a bit more room and can move up to 1200MHz giving it a 11% gain in clock speed. As for the memory, it can be pushed up to 1600MHz easily.

So, how far did you push your card? Post your results in the comments or in our forum.



3 thoughts on “AMD Radeon HD 7790 overclocks easily to GPU CLK of 1200 MHz easily”
  1. I thought tht is quite ok to run it on AMD with and AMD card at 1920×1080 and is able to attain 49.9 fps which is not too shabbly.

  2. AvP D3D11 Benchmark Report

    * Report Created: 2013-03-24 @ 09:51:30
    * Executable Build: V1.03, Apr 19 2010

    *DX11 Hardware Detected*

    Using Default Video Settings:

    Resolution: 1920 x 1080
    Texture Quality: 2
    Shadow Quality: 3
    Anisotropic Filtering: 16
    SSAO: ON
    Vertical Sync: OFF
    DX11 Tessellation: ON
    DX11 Advanced Shadows: ON
    DX11 MSAA Samples: 1

    Benchmark Summary:

    Number of frames: 5230
    Average Frame Time: 20.0ms
    Average FPS: 49.9

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