Cyberlink MediaEspresso 6.5 video transcoding with Lucid Virtu

One of the most interesting feature about the Z68 is that it can be used with multiple graphics cards. In P67 system, once you installed an add on graphics card, you aren’t able to use the transcoding feature of the graphics processor inside the CPU. With Lucid Virtu, you now can tap the power of transcoding videos by running the application.

In the package, ASRock provided a trial copy of Cyberlink Espresso. We use a 1080p clip of The Bourne Ultimatum, converting it for YOUTUBE HD upload.

Without Virtu enabled, the transcoding will be done by the ATi Radeon Graphics card we used. It took 33 secs to complete. With the Virtu enabled, the job is done by the embedded graphics processor and it was slashed down to 22 secs. That is 50% faster!

Lucid Virtu now enables you to play the fastest 3D games with external graphics card and also able to tap the power of internal graphics for transcoding.