ASUS just delivered it’s over the air firmware update to the 1st generation ASUS EeePad Transformer based on nVIDIA Tegra2. Our editor happens to own a set and took 10 minutes to update it. The update took 10 minutes and the new firmware is Ice Cream Sandwich – Android 4.0.3.

If you own an ASUS Transformer, do update it and tell us your experiences in the forum.

有不少廠商推出了以 Google Android 系統為主的平板電腦 (Tablet), 華碩 Asus 是其中一家. 筆者家中也有一台平板電腦, 華碩 EeePad Transformer (第一代).

今天突然收到OTA 更新通知, 花了十多分鐘的時間, 就正式更新了!
華碩提供的更新, 是Android 4.0.3!

如果是第一代EeePad Transformer 的用家, 可以到