Conclusion   The ASUS MB168B+ is definitely a must have for mobile businessman. This is especially the case where notebook these days have tiny screens as it has to compensate for the portability. The MB168B+ is pretty light at 0.8kg (nett). With it, customers viewing your presentation wouldn’t need to strain their eyes on the tiny wordings and charts on your 7 inches tablet. If you are in office or at home, you can still use it as an alternative screen with one screen on the stock market while the other on the forex. According to ASUS, the device has it’s own display engine, thus it won’t affect your system performance. You can install a 2nd or 3rd one so long you have enough USB ports. There is a niche product that mobile workers should consider. It is an innovative product that deserves an award.

Price (UK) : £178.95

Price (US) : $294

In Singapore the SRP: $319 with 2 Years limited warranty, available at retail stores.

Editor's Choice award OCWORKBENCH