ASUS Maximus IV Extreme Motherboard

RoG boards are known to have the most add ons and best gaming experience. The new Maximus IV Extreme is based on the new upcoming chipset. Here is how it looks like


SaberTooth P67 is a TUF motherboard. So what is TUF ? TUF is “The Ultimate Force” It gives the motherboad a Touch Image for extreme durability and reliable computing experience. Components used on board are “TUF components” that means the board uses specially picked alloy chokes, solid capacitors, MOSFETS  through rigirous tests for superior lifespan under the most demanding conditions. It is just as good as any military use products. The boards also undergo server grade reliability test to ensure quality.  

The board is equipped with

DIGI+ VRM, USB 3.0, Front USB 3.0, Extrea SATA 6Gbps support. CrossFire X/ SLI. Other than TUF components, it also has a Tactical Vest, thermal radar and ESD guards.


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