ASUS Technical Seminar

Last Thursday, ASUS held a technical seminar at Peninsula Hotel in Singapore. Media from over Asia were flown in for a technical briefing about the upcoming ASUS products.

The focus of the event was on the new designs incorporated into the upcoming H67 and P67 boards. These new features include Dual Intelligent processors 2 – DIGI+ VRM / EPU, TPU and exclusive features like BT ! GO, EFI BIOS, USB 3.o front panel and AI Suite III.

The Dual Intelligent Processors2 basically uses a DIGI+ VRM for higher system stability and more precise adjustment. EPU is for power savings. TPU on the other hand makes OC easy with instant performance boost and self optimised system settings.

BT! Go is blueooth on the go. New boards with BT! Go comes built in with bluetooth controller chip on board, allowing connection to mobile devices for file sharing, remote control and entertainment (control audio video playback using your mobile phone).

In fact, the most exciting new feature would be the EFI BIOS. Say Goodbye to boring blue / black BIOS interface screen.With EFI BIOS, you are now greeted with a Graphics Interface to control the various component of your system using your mouse. It is like running Windows on boot up. ASUS EFI BIOS also has a BIOS-EZ mode which gives you the system information, performance settings all in one page. ASUS disk unlocker also helps to break the OS limitation so that you can maximise your HDD space of a 3TB HDD. ASUS also start to have front USB 3.0 box support for a easy and faster transfer of files using the USB 3.0 standard.

In the next few pages, we take a look at some of the upcoming boards.


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  1. The BIOS for new mother boards these days are no longer on a DOS format, I find it much relaxing in the eye since the color is equal and much easier to navigate.

    “Clive” for motoculteur occasion 

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