Integrated graphics board has always been ignored as a low end platform. With the introduction of the APU, this is going to change the mindset of many.

The upcoming AMD A8 and A6 processors paired with the new A75 series boards blow away the competitor with impressive DX11 graphics performance.

With a typical AMD LIano A8-3850 processor running at 2.4GHz, DDR3-1866 (2x2G), it is able to achieve a 3DMark Vantage score of P5600+. If the APU is overclocked, 3DMark Vantage score can scale up to 5650 marks.

With a HD 6670 GPU added on board, AMD Radeon DUal Graphics kicks in and can boost the performance up to 10000 marks giving it a 1.5x improvement over the standard APU.

Stay tuned for more information.