SiSoft Sandra 2012 Benchmarks

With SiSoft Sandra 2012, we check out the differences of running the 2nd generation Core i5-2500K versus the third generation Core i5-3570K processor on this mainboard.

Do note that the Core i5-2500K is running at 3.3GHz while the newer processor is at 3.4GHz. In both cases, the memory modules are running DDR3-2133 CAS 10-12-27-1T when XMP Profile #2 is chosen from the BIOS.

In Memory benchmarks, even though both processors are running the same memory timings, the Intel Core i5-3570K is ahead, leading by around 1GB/s

With the newer Z77 chipset, we can see an improvement even with our aging Core i5-2500K, it now achieves 65 GOPS compared to 59 GOPS when paired with a Intel Z68 chipset.

With the Core i5-3570K, the result shot up to 77.12 GOPs.

Likewise, in multimedia, the results are impressive, with Core i5-3570K scoring 193.11 Mpixel/s, 12 Mpixel/s ahead of the Core i5-2500K.

The most important thing is the new improved Quicksync transcoding engine. It is able to achieve a 6.360MBps in the test as compared to 4.4MBps on the older processor.