Cinebench 11.5

In Cinebench 11.5 X64 edition. We test the CPU and OpenGL rendering test. In CPU test, the new processor with Z77 chipset scores 6.02 points which is 1/2 a point faster than the Core i5-2500K. In fact the Core i5-2500K seems to be given a boost with the Z77 chipset, It used to score around 5 points on the older Z68 chipset boards.

In the OpenGL test, with Intel Core i5-3570K, the improvements is clearly seen, with a score of 21.44 fps. The core i5-2500K which runs almost the same clock speed only achieve 13.21 fps and around 11fps (on the older Z68 chipset). The Z77 + Core i5-3750K really boost the performance of the 2nd generation processor by ~61%.