Casio’s latest 4K Ultra-High Definition (UHD) projector and new Ultra Short Throw (UST) models promise brighter, sharper and high brilliance cinematic images


Singapore, April 17, 2017 – Casio today enters the market for high-resolution high-brightness business projectors with its new crystal bright 4K Ultra-High Definition (UHD) projector XJ-L8300HN, and expands its line-up of Ultra Short Throw (UST) series with 3 new models — XJ-UT311WN, XJ-UT351W and XJ-UT351WN, promising to deliver brighter, sharper and higher resolution pictures with new technology at a lower cost of ownership.



Casio’s latest 4K UHD technology throws lifelike images, blowing up the finest detail

Featuring a new laser light source, Casio’s new 4K UHD XJ-L8300HN projector is equipped with the latest 4K UHD DLP® 0.66” chip which projects images of approximately 8.3 million pixels (four times the pixel count of a full HD projector) with a crystal brightness of 5,000 lumens and an estimated lifespan of 20,000 hours.


Through a single chip, images from Casio’s projector will ensure a perfect convergence in all three colour channels throwing a sharper naturalistic image projecting the tiniest detail from an engineering blueprint and design to close-up details of a crystal facet even in a large space such as an auditorium or a concert hall.


Set-up for convenience and outstanding operating performance, projected images no longer suffer from distortion with an optical lens shift function built in as well as the global standard in transmission of ultra-high definition video and audio, HDBaseT-compatibility feature, which also lowers installation cost for users.


The usage of 4K content will increase with the demand for better quality video and audio. For users not making the switch just yet, Casio’s projector is currently equipped with a super resolution technology which is able to enhance lower-resolution images and movies to produce an effect of higher resolution perfectly suited to Ultra HD screens.



3 new UST models deliver sharper contrast with power efficiency and new user features

With a throw distance of only 13cm, Casio’s new Ultra-Short-Throw (UST) range of projectors are capable of projecting an image as large as 60-inch. The short throw distance eliminates the possibility of shadow casting on the screen while keeping the light flare away from the presenter’s eyes making it more comfortable during presentation.


With an output as bright as 3,500 lumens and an excellent contrast ratio of up to 20,000:1, Casio’s new UST projectors deliver brighter and sharper images than earlier models and projected images are now significantly clearer and more beautiful with a colour reproduction of 1.07 billion colours.


Featuring both vertical and horizontal keystone correction features, users are also able to correct projection distortions at angles up to ±5°, vertically and horizontally via the remote control and buttons on the projectors. This allows users to set up the projectors in a number of positions, even in small meeting rooms with limited choices of installations positions.



Equipped with Remote ID function, users can now control up to four projectors together or individually from a single controller. This function offers huge advantages as users now have the flexibility to command different projectors easily and quickly during when multiple projectors are installed in a room. With the help of C-Assist app (available on iOS and Android), users can share text and images wirelessly from their devices in real time, contributing to a more efficient and impressive presentation.


With Casio’s unique Japan-made LampFree technology and 3-block dust resistance structure design, all projectors feature a long light time of up to 20,000 hours with almost zero maintenance required, minimizing efforts spent on periodic cleaning.


The launch of these new projectors promises to elevate the viewing experience in various settings – at work, in education institutions or in meeting rooms.


As a leading manufacturer of solid state illumination light source projectors with a global market share of 63%,*1 Casio intends to keep developing high-resolution, high-brightness projectors, further developing its broad line-up of lamp-free projectors.

*1 According to a market survey by Futuresource Consulting Ltd., based on the global sales volume of solid state illumination light source projectors with at least 2,500 lumens from April 2015 to March 2016.