With NANO FULL LED Backlighting and Tru-ULTRA HD Engine,

LG’s Newest ULTRA HD TVs Deliver Unmatched Picture Quality



SINGAPORE, SEPTEMBER 16, 2013 –LG Electronics (LG) announced today the addition of 55- and 65-inch ULTRA HD TV models in Singapore, providing consumers with the option of two smaller sizes of televisions with 4K resolution to complement its 84-inch ULTRA High Definition TV.


“LG Ultra HD 4K TV redefines image clarity with pixel resolution that is four times greater than a Full HD TV. The addition of 55- and 65- inch models will provide consumers with more choices at more attractive prices. Fitted with LG’s most advanced LED technology to date, the NANO FULL LED backlighting, and proprietary Tru-ULTRA HD Engine, LG ULTRA HD TV analyzes content and optimizes image quality that brings about a superior viewing experience to our consumers,” said Scott Jung, Managing Director of LG Electronics Singapore.


Unmatched Picture Quality and Sound

The 55- and 65-inch ULTRA HD TVs produce incredibly sharp images with a resolution of 8.3 million pixels per frame. The Tru-ULTRA HD Engine provides exceptional up-scaling, enabling consumers to view any video format in near-ULTRA HD quality. Additionally, LG’s LA9700 models are equipped with NANO FULL LED backlighting which results in deeper blacks and consistent brightness and contrast. With the inclusion of LG’s advanced In-Plane Switching (IPS) panels, the new TVs deliver accurate color expression across a wide, 178 degree viewing angle.


Both LA9700 models offer a 4.1 channel surround sound system which includes the stylish, forward-facing Sliding Speaker. With excellent mid- and high- frequency range performance, the Sliding Speaker can be positioned to remain hidden or visible, delivering excellent sound either way. Alternatively, the Sliding Speaker can be set to extend automatically when the TV is turned on. A powerful subwoofer, located behind the TV screen, ensures strong bass performance.


Smart Design, Smart TV

The LA9700 ULTRA HD TVs create a stunning visual impression and an immersive viewing experience that can be attributed to the ULTRA-thin bezels of LG’s CINEMA SCREEN Design.


LA9700 is the first ULTRA HD TV to have in-built H.265 HEVC (High-Efficiency Video Codec) decoding, a compression standard for UHD content. With HEVC decoding, users can play 4K videos directly using external hard drive without the need of a UHD generator or computer.


LG’s intuitive Smart TV platform provides easy access to a wide range of applications and content services from around the globe. The company’s excellent Magic Remote boasts natural language recognition, point, wheel, and gesture control options, making it easy to navigate menus, search for content or play exciting Smart TV games.


SmartShare offers the simplicity of “Tag On” (LG’s NFC-based device pairing feature), and the convenience of WiDi and MiracastTM screen mirroring function.


Certified Picture Quality

The exceptional 2D and 3D picture quality of LG’s new 55- and 65-inch ULTRA HD TVs has been certified by respected international product testing and certification bodies, Intertek and Underwriters Laboratories (UL). Both organizations employ rigorous assessment processes, measuring a wide range of attributes including viewing angle, contrast consistency, color accuracy and 3D performance.


The prices of the 55- and 65-inch LG Ultra HD TVs are $6,999 and $9,999 respectively. The units will be available in Singapore from 20th September 2013 onwards.

By Harry