Casio is famous for it’s wrist wearing watch in the 80s till now. It’s affordability and durability has been the well acclaimed for decades. The G-Shock series is also one of the popular brands among the youngsters a decade ago.

In June 2015, Kazuo Kashio resigned as president of the company after serving for 27 years. He passed on the position to his son, Kazuhiro Kashio. the new president is trying to catch up with the smartwatches though Casio was the first to introduce functionalities into a watch, e.g games, remote control, blood pressure reader etc.

His aim is to achieve about ¥10 billion [about $80 million] in smartwatch sales as soon as possible and expand the business from there. Kazuhiro has been leading a development team on the new smartwatches and promise that they will cost around $400. The device is set to release in Japan and the United States by the end of March 2016. The product aims to appeal to men who are fond of outdoor sports and leisure.

Source : Wall Street Journal.

By Harry