BIOSTAR Unveils High Performance MB and Technologies at Cebit, 2010

Taipei, Taiwan; Feb 25, 2010 – Year by year, the demand for high performance components has been increasing in the realm of computing. In catering to such demands and expectations, BIOSTAR, a leading company in the new digital era, has developed innovative technologies that allow users to achieve the best possible performance and is set to highlight these during Cebit 2010.

“H55 HD MSRP @ US$75”

BIOSTAR is taking another giant step releasing latest Intel H55 chipset based motherboard – “H55 HD” with MSRP price point at US$75 in selected sales channels. “H55 HD”, micro-ATX form factor with black color PCB design, supports Intel newest 45/ 32nm Clarkdale Core i3/ i5 processor with integrated Intel GMA HD graphic engine built in. It also adopts 5 phase X.D.C solid state power supply; each phase supplies 3 MOS to secure extremely steady power supply and a great enhancement for over clocking. Again, “H55 HD” another perfect choice for your “Home Entertainment” with interfaces of HDMI + DVI + VGA output; one Gigabit LAN connector; USB 2.0 and PS/2 for keyboard and mouse; and Realtek 5.1 channel HD Audio.
“Game Boost – GT60 Technology”

“Game Boost – GT60” Technology allows users to increase GPU clock speed on Intel Clarkdale processors effortlessly. This unique development is now adopted on BIOSTAR “H55” series motherboards, users are able to adjust integrated GPU frequency and voltage freely to enhance system overall gaming performance up to 60% and more.              

TH55 XE / Core i3 530 GPU Clock: 63.7 % Up, 3Dmark 06 Boost: 60% up

CPU Freq. GPU Freq. 3DMARK 06 Increased
Intel Default 2.93GHz 733MHz 1705
Biostar Default 3.0GHz 766MHz 1790 3.7%
GPU Enable 4.4GHz 1200MHz 2724 60%

“BIO-Remote Utility”

“BIO-Remote Utility”, with on-board Consumer IR header comes with a MCE Remote Controller certified by Microsoft makes a perfect combination for your in-home entertainments. “BIO-Remote” works with the MCE in Windows 7 to easy access TV, Music, Photo, DVD all kinds of digital media; users can enjoy the digital contents from anywhere. Friendly on-screen menu is special designed for remote control interaction that provides fun, energizing and integrated digital media experiences. The “BIO-Remote Utility” and “Remote Controller Set” are available on selected motherboard series including Intel H55, AMD 890GX series and more.

“AMD890GX chipset MB – TA890GXE”

Along with AMD’s new890GX chipset launch on March 2nd, BIOSTAR demonstrates its T-Series family “TA890GXE” constructed supporting AMD latest “Leo” Enthusiast platform with AM3 processors as well as upcoming “Thuban” Phenom II X 6 six- core processor and DDR3 support. With internal graphics core at 700MHz, DX10.1 and UVD 2.0 support, it can be setup to run Asymmetric CrossFire. Other features include HDMI 1.3a, DVI-D Dual Link, Optical S/P DIF HD Audio output, 8+2Ch Blu-Ray Audio Ready, SATA3 (6Gbps), e-SATA, IEEE 1394, on-board 128M DDR3 side port memory, GbE LAN, 8 channel audio support, and 100% X.D.C Japanese solid capacitor. In addition, it also adopts BIOSTAR unique “D.P.U – Digital Power Unit”, “G.P.U II – Green Power Utility”, and “BIO-Remote Utility”.

“GTO 63 on TA890GXE”

“GTO 63” represents high speed transfer technology, six core processor support, and extreme overclocking.

l  GT60 – BIOSTAR exclusive technology enhance GPU clock speed 60%+.

l  SATA 6Gbps – maximum hard disk transfer rate, 2 times faster than SATA 2.

l  Phenom II 6 core processor support – meet future demand today.

“BIO-unlocKING” Technology

“BIO-unlocKING” technology, the easiest way to activate ACC function from AMD processors. AMD AOD w/ACC feature (advanced clock calibration) has been a super hot topic last year. Users now able to enable the ACC function and unlock the extra 3rd or 4th core with a super-simple 1 click from keyboard; furthermore, we offer users to choose the specific core(s) depending on system environment. Users can even turn off some surplus core(s) for power saving purpose.                  

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