Lucidlogix Power Aware Software Adds up to 50% More Web, Travel and Play Time to Mobile Devices

GameXtend, WebXtend and NavXtend improve the mobility of battery draining functions

Lucidlogix® (Lucid) today, at the world’s largest consumer electronics tradeshow – CES 2014, announced the expansion of its power aware PowerXtend™ software products for Android-based smartphones, tablets, other Internet of Things (IoT) and wearable devices. The new Lucid WebXtend™ and NavXtend™ software products can increase power longevity by up to 50 percent for battery-demanding applications like Internet exploration and GPS navigation.

“Lucid is tackling the most important factor in device satisfaction – battery life”

“By leveraging the base architecture found in the widely-distributed GameXtend software, we’ve been able to tackle battery-hungry navigation and Internet functions,” said Elad Dubzinski, COO of Lucid. “Lucid PowerXtend technology allows the device to more efficiently process resulting in fewer stops at the charging station and more uninterrupted device interaction.”

GameXtend™ found in the Samsung GALAXY Note 3 and newly Galaxy Note 10.1, lengthens mobile play time by adding as much as three additional hours of enjoyment from a single charge. New WebXtend and NavXtend software use state-of-the art algorithms to reduce power draw in real time thereby increasing mobile battery life by as much as 50 percent from a single charge.

Lucid has heavily tested GameXtend in a variety of real-life scenarios. For example, the playing time of Angry Birds Rio on a Samsung GALAXY S4 is extended from 4.75 hours to over 8.5 hours, an extra four hours of game play. On another platform tested, the total racing time in the title Turbo Racing League is extended from three hours to over five hours, which is over a 66 percent improvement.

“Lucid is tackling the most important factor in device satisfaction – battery life,” said Dr. Jon Peddie, of leading analyst firm Jon Peddie Associates. “These power aware technologies will allow OEM device manufacturers to integrate high-performance hardware features into their devices, while also insuring a reasonable amount of ‘on’ time from a single charge.”

GameXtend, WebXtend and NavXtend use a fusion of newly-developed, patent-pending technologies combined with select existing patented notebook and desktop PC software technologies that can be found in tens of millions of systems today.

By Harry