DRACO HDT2-7200 DVB-T2 Receiver Review

OCWorkbench 12 Jan 2014

Singapore’s free to air broadcaster MediaCorp started it’s transmission of the local TV channels digitally a fortnight ago. Although analog broadcasts are still available, you will not be able to tune in after analog signals are switched off in 2016 unless you install a set top box or subscribe to Singtel mio TV or Starhub TV.

set top box

In the past, only 4 channels were transmitted in DVB-T format, that is HD 5, 5 (SD) , 8 (SD) and ChannelNewsAsia (SD). Using the DRACO HDT2-7200 DVB-T2 receiver, we are able to receive more channels as the standard delivers more High Definition channels sharing the same frequency. Currently, MediaCorp is transmitting on channels 27, 29 and 31. Channel 27 delivers OKTO, CNA and Channel U all in SD. Channel 29 carries both Channel 5 and Suria in High Definition. Channel 31 carries both Channel 8 and Vasantham both in High Definition. There is another test channel on Channel 33 which is showing a test pattern and a looping scenery clip. Channel 38 is still transmitting 4 channels in DVB-T standard. The older IDTVs receivers will still be able to receive HD5 but Channel 8 will be in SD only.

We bought the set top box from a local retailer at SGD 129.00, unboxed it and set it up for a test.

Below is the unboxing video.

Currently there are sellers of DVB-T2 devices (non Draco brand) on Qoo10.sg, here are two listed items on sale at Qoo10.sg and Lazada.sg

AC Ryan ACR-PV78100 Playon!Live DVB-T2 Recorder #mediacorp #HD receiver  S$99 http://ho.lazada.sg/SHDbOt

[S$26.90]SPRING Singapore Rigistered power adapter 2016 new chipset MSD7T01 HD DVB-T2 Terrestrial digital TV receiver Free to Air dvb t2 tv tuner


AC Ryan ACR-PV78100 Playon!Live DVB-T2 Recorder #mediacorp #HD receiver  S$99 http://ho.lazada.sg/SHDbOt

You might need a better antenna, I find this to be one of the better options from Amazon USA.

Mohu Leaf 50 Amplified Indoor HDTV Antenna (formerly Leaf Ultimate)


More DVB-T2 and Antenna offers

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  1. MediaCorp will be turning off the TV signals in 2017. If you haven’t , it is time to switch to digital.

  2. If you own the vodoke playstaq, this device can also be used to receive dvb-t2 broadcasts

  3. 50-mile range to access Over-the-Air TV channels without a cable or satellite subscription (NOTE: Enables access to free channels only – does not enable access to paid channels such as ESPN/Fox News)
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  4. our vessel came with Darco Satellite Tv reciever HD6300. it is not showing. is it because of my location Nigeria?
    what do i do.thanks

  5. Currently I rely on outdoor antenna with booster to my existing digital TV (not T2 ready). Can I just install HDT2-7300 and connect to the TV via HDMI port? Is this the best alternative?

  6. Hi, do you think the antenna amplifier provided can pick up the Malaysian digital channels? I check Wikipedia and the launch date for the Malaysian digital tv is Apr 2015.
    Anyone from JB can pick up SG digital channels?

  7. There are some other models available in Singapore. You can check them out on page 3 of the review (Revised).

  8. Hi! I have a miotv, but I record shows on the local channels using a DVD recorder. Am I able to use a DVB-T2 receive STB at the same time? So that I can record in HD and it does not affect the miotv or whatsoever.

    1. mio tv and dvb-t2 tuners are two different tuners. They shouldn’t affect each other.

      The Draco box already comes with a USB port which you can insert a USB stick and record the tv shows.

      1. Hey! Thanks for your reply! 🙂 So, can I still connect to my DVD-R to record tv shows after getting HD channels from the receiver?

        1. Why would you want to do that? The only available ports are RCA from the back panel , you will be recording in non HD resolution.

          Unless your DVD recorder can accept HDMI in and record in Huigh Definition that is a different story.

          1. So that I can burn into discs directly? I only see a HDMI AV out at the back of my DVD-R. Sorry, am really bad at this.

          2. well you can but it won’t be in HD .

            The best is to record it to the USB stick and use a computer to burn the contents into a DVD for archival purposes. Note the files are rather big.

  9. This box can use in johor,malaysia?can see mediacorp all channel?

    1. Yes it is reported that it works in coastal areas of JB.

  10. Overall its a good device and pretty good review of it. Fantastic HD receiving potential this satellite receiver has. It is packed with all the necessary features and applications.

  11. Hi, Just got one but having trouble getting the Free to air channels and any slight adjustment to the setup will render signal being lost totally. Any suggestion/recommendation on getting better reception and antenna placement?

    1. Did you install the amplifier ? Try to place the circular Draco antenna near the window.

  12. Hi! Just to check, does this set-top box supports dual sound?

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