The competition to attract telco subscribers has shifted its focus to high data bundle plans. Previously, Changi Mobile offered a $18 plan for 200 GB, but now the battle for subscribers extends beyond the 200 GB mark. Instead, it now encompasses a plan that offers 300 GB for around $30.

This newly introduced plan is equipped with 5G SA technology, enabling faster and more advanced connectivity. Moreover, it provides the added benefit of data rollover, allowing customers to accumulate unused data up to a maximum limit of 1 TB. Additionally, the plan includes unlimited talk time, ensuring seamless communication. It’s important to note that after the initial three months, the plan will revert to its original price of approximately S$38.36 per month.

The plan is offered in both Physical SIM and eSIM. You are allowed to port in or get a new number for the line.

This plan doesn’t come with any form of data roaming but you can add on in the settings for SuperRoamAsia ($20/mth) or SuperRoam Global ($12/mth).

If you are looking for a no frills unlimited Data and voice line, you might want to consider using this with a 4G or 5G broadband router TP LINK X80 5G in areas where you don’t have fibre access.

With 300 GB per month, it should be able to handle most of your netflix and gaming. If you can’t finish the 300 GB, you can roll it over for the coming month.

So, do you think you will sign up for such a plan? Comment below.

By Harry