Some users have inquired about how to make a call to a local Malaysian number while roaming in Malaysia.

The method for making such a call depends on the plan you have subscribed to. Out of the 8 plans listed below, all plans except SIM ONLY 100 GB, Seniors, and Business 50 GB include IDD minutes.

If your plan does not include IDD minutes, you have a couple of options. You can purchase The SIMBA Super IDD Pack, an additional pack for your SIMBA Plans. This pack costs $5 and provides you with 500 IDD minutes to selected destinations and 3GB of Singapore data. Take note there is a validity of 30 days. To top up, you can visit

Alternatively, you can add $5 to your wallet, which can be used to cover the cost of IDD calls and any excess roaming data usage (if you go beyond your allocated data).


How to call

Once you have established you have the IDD minutes (whether it is provided in the plan) or added on through top up. You can now proceed to make the IDD call. Any calls to overseas countries, whether you are in Singapore or roaming overseas are considered as IDD calls. (Calls back to Singapore is free 300 minutes to landline and free to +65 mobile numbers for all plans).

If you are in a country where VoLTE Roaming is available, you can dial direct from your phone dialer

+60 followed by area code and phone number e.g. +60 7-276 2216

If VoLTE Roaming is not available, you can dial the same number using the SIMBA Voice App.

Calling to Malaysia number is only 1 cent per 30 second block, that means 2 cents per 1 minute.

Here are the IDD rates

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