2020 is a special year for most telcos due to the pandemic. With more MVNOs and cut throat pricing structures, Circles.Life has managed to maintain it’s lead in the industry with it’s digitization of it’s services.

Circles.Life has offered more flexibility by introducing work-from-home kits, eSIMs and Multi SIMs. eSIM was probably the fastest way to get the service activated by scanning the QR code.

During this period, the highest data consumption recorded by a single customer in 2020 amounted to 2,711 GB. In total, customers used over
47,000,000 GB while adapting to the new normal. That’s the equivalent of streaming content in HD for 1,834 years straight. In addition, there was a huge spike when Circuit Breaker started with data reaching 621,686 GB.

That is really a shocking number as most who are staying at home with fibre broadband still chalks up so much data. Currently, Circles.Life is offering the 300 GB data rollover plan (100 GB per mth) at S$38/mth for transfer in or S$48/mth for a new number.

I am sure in 2021, more innovative services will be available from Circles.Life for people who require more data and speed. I am sure in the years to come, Circles.Life will launch 5G services.

By Harry