Circles.Life Flexi Plan

S$0 ? Did you hear it wrongly ? No you didn’t. In the latest telco war, MVNO Circle.Life up it’s ante against new comers MyRepublic that was launched a couple of days before. MyRepublic offered a S$8 / mth 1 GB free with unlimited data and 1000 minutes outgoing and SMS.

Update : Circles.Life charges $6 for delivery of SIM. 

The Circles.Life Flexi plan comes with 30 mins talk time (no free incoming), 10 SMS (incoming is free), Caller ID, Top Up Options.

It will run at 4G Max (supposedly real 4G+). There is no roaming available.


Although Circles.Life advertise this plan “Flexi Plan” as a S$0 plan, your line could be suspended if it is “underutilised” as posted on their Facebook page. In order to maintain the line, you probably need to top up at use it or top up any of the services.

One interesting feature about this plan is that if you use more than 1 GB data for that month, you will be left with no connection. To continue, you have to top up. What happens if you use more than 30 minutes of talk time, will you still be able to receive calls ? That remains a big question mark until someone tries it out.

Top-up options

The $0 /mo Flexi Plan is free – spend as little as you want by choosing top-ups if you want more:

2 GB for $12.00

1 GB for $8.00

30 min for $5.00

Top up* with a Boost in the CirclesCare App whenever you want. Only when you need it.

*Top-up options will remain on your plan until the end of the month.

If you are an existing customer of other telcos, you can also port in the number either during the sign up phase or at a later stage through the App.

Do take note this plan doesn’t qualify for top up $2 for free incoming calls or top up S$20 for 20GB. If you need that extra, you can upgrade to the $28 plan.

Current Circles.Life users are not eligible to downgrade their plan to this Flexi Plan.

As a bonus, if you sign up, Circles.Life will throw in a FREE SIM card, FREE registration and FREE delivery!

This plan is good for low usage users and those who love Golden numbers, S$0r to maintain a gold number like 88886666 is not a bad idea 🙂

Any questions, please comment below.

By Harry