ECS prompt action on Intel 6 Series Chipset Design Error

Taipei, Taiwan, Feb 10th, 2011 – Per message from Intel on Jan 31st2011, publicly announced that they have discovered a design error of Intel® 6 Series chipset. The known Sandy Bridge chipset has put on stop by Intel and revised ones are in progress.

Customers who already purchased ECS P67/H67 chipset motherboards may or may have encountered either issues of Serial ATA (SATA) ports degrade performance or a fail detect on SATAII only of Intel B2 stepping chipsets, and which only 5% out of all would occur problem like this in a long rough 3 years run without having data damaged as per Intel’s message. Intel is currently working on updated chipset to satisfy in all needs. In the meantime, users are strongly encouraged to utilize SATAIII (6Gb/s) ports (SATA_1 & SATA_2) as an alternative.  For the best quality to our customers, ECS has already stopped faulty chipsets to prevent any further impact. And of course, ECS is certainly looking into this matter and keeping all ECS users posted with any further news from Intel in this regards via our official websites or any other channels. Thank you for all your patience and understanding, we are sincerely sorry for any inconvenience may cause.

Product Affected

The following ECS models are what being affected regarding Intel Sandy Bridge Chipset:

P67 H67
P67H2-A P67H2-A2 H67H2-M H67H2-M2 H67H2-I
P67H2-A3 P67H2-A4 H67H2-M3 H67H2-M4 H67H2-A3


Return & Replacement Procedure

ECS will proceed to return & replacement requests based on Intel’s B3 stepping delivery schedule. For users who would like to know more details in this regard, please kindly consult with your distributors, dealers or shops where you initially purchased in your region.

Please check more detailed Q & A information of Intel Chip design error on ECS website:

Below is Intel official website as your reference: