Latest B3 Stepping Chipset ready for solving all SATA issues in MSI P67/H67 mainboards
(Taipei-Taiwan) Internationally renowned mainboard and graphic card manufacturer MSI held all affected mainboards to protect consumers immediately after Intel officially announced the SATA problems in its Series 6 chipset on 31 January 2011 (USA time). To extend its commitment to consumers, MSI also officially announced the implementation of the latest B3 Stepping chipset from Intel on its P67/H67 mainboards for fixing SATA problems in the Intel Series 6 chipsets.
To realize its corporate philosophy: Excellent Product, High Quality, Good Service, Customer Satisfaction, MSI has been serving worldwide consumers with reference to its quality policy: ‘Quality Assurance, Customer Confidence’. Facing product defects as a result of chipset design problem, MSI has already began to replace all affected products in order to provide only the best products. Consumers can now identify the latest MSI P67/H67 mainboards equipped with the Intel B3 Stepping chipset with the sticker ‘MSI B3 Stepping Ready’. This provides a more confident way to purchase your next-generation P67/H67 mainboard.
Meanwhile, MSI has contacted all supply channels to monitor currently affected products with the fastest and best services. Please stay tuned with the MSI official website for the latest policy to settle the issue.
MSI wholeheartedly apologizes to worldwide MSI supporters and users for all the inconveniences caused. We also hope that our quick solution can strengthen the faith in MSI and further protect the rights and benefits of consumers.