If you intend to update your status or post some comments, you might be experiencing error messages asking you to try again. You are not alone. It is widely reported that there is a service outage on Facebook. You will probably be end up with this message on screen :”There was a problem updating your status. Please try again in a few minutes.”

Are you experiencing the same problem. Share your thoughts by commenting below.


By Harry

2 thoughts on “Facebook service outage”
  1. I think it is a new generation of interaction, it is undeniably surprisingly that people post their own photos I public ..

    Anyway, Facebook does have its use in the form of engaging readers or being used Asa. Marketing tool by companies o sell their products,

  2. Facebook? What is this? Oh, the site that you give personal info to, so anyone can better trace and profile you? Granted, that is what I must join…

    /snip huge irony

    Seriously – even talking about FCB is booring and what is worser, give it undesired attention. Stop that. Report stuff that matter, not some FCB problems…

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