The Corby line of phones targets the youth. The design comes in bright colours with changeable battery covers.

The Samsung Corby TXT is a phone that looks like the B7320 Windows mobile phone but it is a 2G with EDGE running on Samsung proprietary OS. It has some nice social media tools.

The Samsung Corby Pro is higher spec than the Corby TXT. It also runs on proprietary Samsung OS. It supports HSDPA 3.5G and has slide out keyboard similar to the Omnia Pro B7610. It supports touchwiz and one touch zoom as well. Find out more with the HD videos of both phones in our first look Review below :

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2 thoughts on “First look at Samsung Corby Txt B3210 and Corby Txt Pro B5310”
  1. The Samsung TXT Corby is a new mobile phone from Samsung after Corby series previously introduced the S3650. This new series Samsung mobile phones trying to reach a younger audience. Samsung GSM Corby TXT, the company focuses more on the frequent SMS-er. The phone has good advanced features enabled with a suite of business application phone.

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