First look – Samsung Corby Txt and Corby Pro Review Link
Today, we do a first look review of the Samsung Corby TXT and the upcoming Corby Pro.

The Corby line of phones targets the youth. The design comes in bright colours with changeable battery covers.

The Samsung Corby TXT is a phone that looks like the B7320 Windows mobile phone but it is a 2G with EDGE running on Samsung proprietary OS. It has some nice social media tools.

The Samsung Corby Pro is higher spec than the Corby TXT. It also runs on proprietary Samsung OS. It supports HSDPA 3.5G and has slide out keyboard similar to the Omnia Pro B7610. It supports touchwiz and one touch zoom as well. Find out more with the HD videos of both phones in our first look Review below :

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6 thoughts on “First look – Samsung Corby Txt and Corby Pro Review”
  1. Hi guys,i purchased dis set on march,1st few months its ok but wen i try to connect to my pc it won’t.i tried several time even talk to service center but those idiots wont understand.i am tryin to connect to pc for internet but i i m thinkin that i took wrong step 2 buyin it.this set is full of probs.

  2. Got the same problem as Tathagat Verma. It sucks. I barely bought the phone and now this. Samsung kinda sucks, the only phone that’s ok is galaxy. I hope i’ll fix my corby. bye

  3. Last sunday i purchse corby TXT ,cost me Rs.5035. Battry isn’t good………c ya

  4. Hi All,
    I just got the phone a month back. Its features are pretty good but a bit slow. I was very happy with it until a week back when the speaker (regular) stopped working all of a sudden. I couldn’t hear the calls and had to use the hands-free or the speaker phone. As this had happened in less than a month, I placed complaint at Samsung, to which they redirected me to the nearest service-center. When I got there I was shocked to know that I was not the only one facing the problem. There was long list of people facing issues with their Samsung phones, the table in the service center was full with all the different corbys, a few of them were corby-pros. Upon investigation the engineer at the center informed me that mine was the third case with the similar problem, most of the others had problems with the batteries and that this was caused because of the sliding keyboard of the phone. I anyways got it fixed and it seems to be working fine now, but then again you never know what might happen.

    I bought it from CROMA, Malad, Mumbai for 11,280/-.
    I would suggest you guys to rethink before buying it.

    I have put my case and thoughts in-front you all, the final decision is yours.

    Good Luck.

  5. browser is good..opera can be installed as well…flv support is thr,

    Go for this

  6. got corby 4 days ago. i got 7750Rs from Punjab(Ludhiana). It’s very good phone at this price. it’s touch is very sensitive like apple i phone.using Facebook, twitter over cory nice worked. wap speed is good. but camera is lacking some where. camera is just ok not too good. Battery backup very nice. sound is very good. i played mp4 videos on this is clarity amazing. watching mp4 videos on corby wonderfull. all the thing is value for money,

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