Wanted a fashionable phone with texting features or something that works at an affordable pricing as the first phone for your school kids ? The Samsung Corby TxT could be the answer for this group of users.

Designed with an interchangeable fashion jacket or faceplate, the EDGE/GPRS Samsung Corby TXT is a definitely a very stylish QWERTY texting phone that works great for those who loves to SMS and Email on the go.

The Corby TXT comes with 3 different schemes to choose from. Be funky and try out the cartoon UI which will surprise many.

Fun apart, the phone has a very nicely laid out qwerty keyboard which is good for texting and smsing. You can also set up multiple accounts for google, hotmail, pop3 mail to send/receive mails on the go. SMS are also organised in conversational SMS which makes it easy for you to read the correspondences between you and your friend….

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3 thoughts on “Samsung Corby TXT GT-B3210 Review”
  1. Hello kevin. Just hold the ‘sym’ key for while which is just below the ‘X’ key. I am not soure that whether you just want to unlock the keypad or you are heaving some another problem. So just tray my advice. Hope you get your phone unlocked

  2. Hi. Anybody knows how to unlock the phone password, I forgot it and dont want to take it in for repairs??

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