GIGABYTE GV-N450OC-1G Graphics Card GIGABYTE GV-N450-1G Graphics Card

Taipei, Taiwan, September 13th, 2010 – GIGABYTE Technology Co. LTD., a leading manufacturer of motherboards and graphics cards, is pleased to launch the latest GeForceTM GTS 450 series, GV-N450OC-1GI and GV-N450-1GI. Built on highly anticipated NVIDIA® Fermi architecture, GV-N450OC-1GI and GV-N450-1GI are designed from the ground up for DirectX® 11 tessellation that they are able to bring users incredibly vivid visual experience. GV-N450OC-1GI features industry-leading innovative cooling design, WINDFORCETM 2X-Smart Dust-Reducing. It effectively reduces fan dusts and creates ultimate silent environment. For GV-N450-1GI, copper core fan helps lower the temperature by 14%. GIGABYTE GTS 450 series is also equipped with the latest graphics technologies including NVIDIA® 3D VisionTM and PhysX® to set a new standard for HD gaming.

WINDFORCETM 2X: Smart Dust-Reducing Cooling

GV-N450OC-1GI features GIGABYTE WINDFORCETM 2X-Smart Dust-Reducing cooling design. Adopting anti-turbulence inclined dual fans, GIGABYTE WINDFORCETM 2X is able to minimize turbulence between fans and enlarge air channel in the graphics card vents. What’s more, users are given two fan mode options, Dual Power Mode and Smart Alternate Mode to satisfy all their needs. Under 3D gaming, users can use Dual Power Mode to enjoy cool gaming environment. Under 2D usage, users can manually switch to Smart Alternate Mode to have fan dusts cleaned. Users will enjoy longer fan life span by this smart design. In addition, WINDFORCETM 2X is quipped with 2 copper heat-pipes to strengthen the speed of heat dissipation.

To provide better cooling system, GV-N450-1GI is equipped with copper core fan. Large copper rod contacts GPU directly to enhance heat dissipation. Along with ultra quite PWM fan, GV-N450-1GI is cooler by 14%.


WINDFORCE™ 2X Smart Dust-Reducing Fan Modes

Dual Power Mode
(Dual Fan Operating Mode)
Smart Alternate Mode
(Single Fan Operating Mode)

2 fans spin 10 minutes, and then take turns to spin
30 seconds to speed up fan dust reduction.
Each fan takes turns to spin
for 4 minutes to reduce fan dusts.

To satisfy 3D enthusiasts, GV-N450OC-1GI and GV-N450-1GI provide eye-popping 3D effects in games, Blu-ray 3D, photos, and streaming 3D over the web through NVIDIA® 3D VisionTM. GIGABYTE GTS 450 series are also designed for gaming and great home theater solution.