Welcome heya, the latest player to join in the 4G data price war. Offering something at $10 for 50 GB seems like a norm these days after SIMBA started that trend. SIMBA is now offering a 100 GB for $10 per mth with unlimited local calls to mobile and free 1 GB data roam.

So what has heya has to offer ? From it’s website, it reveal the APN as hicard, we can easily deduce that it runs on Singtel prepaid network but sold as a post paid plan. A check on whois reveals the registrar is SINGTEL MOBILE SINGAPORE PTE LTD (SGNIC-ORG1612869)

During the launch, they will offer a $10 plan with 50 GB data, 500 local minutes, 50 SMS, free incoming calls and free caller ID. If you are switching (porting) into heya, they will throw in another 50 GB making it 100 GB for the first 3 months. Do take note, it is only meant for port in users from M1+mvnos, Starhub+mvnos and SIMBA (aka TPG).

At just $5 you can enjoy up to 500 minutes of IDD minutes calls to 9 countries.

It seems that heya has a similar concept borrowed from Geenet and M1 Maxx. heya SIM Cards come with a recurring base plan:​ $0 (Usual Price $3), Free Incoming Calls and a validity of 60 days. $0 Promotion Discount till further notice.

That is to say, if you purchase for the first month and you forgot to top up for the subsequent month, your line won’t be cut off, you will still be able to receive incoming calls.

The base plan gets auto-renewed upon any purchase of a heya Plan or heya IDD Add-on plan. Customers will receive an SMS notification for each renewal, 2 days before the renewal date. ​Unused local data, calls and SMS can be rolled over if you purchase another heya plan before the expires. This feature allows rollover up to 200GB of data every month

Do take note tha the heya SIM and all services will be automatically terminated if you do not top up with any heya plan within 90 days from last top up date. 

So, how do you subscribe? Unfortunately, you can’t subscribe to the plans online. It is only available at a limited number of retail shops. Just remember to bring in your NRIC. You will need to visit the retail shops to top up $10 every month as there seems there there are no options available to top up online unless some third party seller offers that on shopee.

I supposed Heya will not support VoLTE and 5G. (Some users claim VoLTE works). If you a frequent traveller, this SIM does not provide any form of Roaming services. It is more for local usage. It would be a good substitute for a data sim for your tablet or secondary devices.

Comment below on what you think of this Heya.

By Harry