If you own one of the 2021 or earlier Xiaomi/Redmi/Poco 5G phones, you would be wondering most of the phones can work on 5G NSA network.

Although the processors can support 5G SA network but the option isn’t there.

In fact, the option is hidden and it can be enable by the code *#*#726633#*#*

It will toggle between this two mode when you apply the code

  • Show 5G network mode selection
  • Hide network 5G mode selection
  • Clear 5G network mode Secret code control

Once the Show 5G network mode selection message pops out, you will be able to see the following option for select 5G mode as Auto/NSA or SA+NSA.

SIM cards & mobile networks ->Advanced settings -> Select 5G network mode.

Do note that even if you are able to select 5G SA+NSA, two criterias are required for you to access the 5G SA network of your provider.

  1. 5G SIM card
  2. Service must be provisioned (both phone and operator must enable the 5G SA service).

Do test it out and comment below and see if you are successful in connecting to the 5G SA network.

option screen looks different if your phone is powered by mediatek processor

By Harry