A group ExploitWareLabs has found that brand new P30 Pro seems to be querying and possibly transferring data back to China servers without users even signing up to any Huawei ID. The list of servers include beian.gov.cn which should be the network security department of China.

According to the site, they found that the domain names on master.txt are captured DNS requests from Huawei P30 Pro, located in China and/or has an IP address within China’s ASN. The device hasn’t configured with Huawei services, including Huawei ID or any Hi services. Update: the device was bought in Thailand.

We have conducted our own tests with our Huawei Nova 3i, and found out that it didn’t try to query any China based servers in the background. It is unknown whether there are any differences in firmware for different countries/regions.

Anyway, for users who are paranoid, OpenDNS might be a solution to block out certain DNS queries.

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