AI Remove Reflection and AI Remove Passerby

AI Remove Reflection

Huawei P40 Pro comes with two unique functions. First, the AI Remove Reflection. As it’s name implies, it attempts to remove reflections. We did a test and we found it useful when taking exhibits inside enclosed panels.

One thing to note is, if the reflection is too bright, it may not be able to remove reflections that well.

AI Remove Passerby

AI Remove Passerby uses the AI capability of Gallery Edit to help you remove the passersby by combining several frames into one. So you can have a clean background and focus completely on the subject.

Another possibility is to select the best shots among the sequence of shots where the passerby is outside the frame.

We tried a couple of times but it didn’t really work very well. The algorithm might still not be able to handle multiple passer by.

Hopefully a new update will improve on that.

By Harry