Although Haswell processors will be released in June, there’s pretty much nothing left that has not been leaked, including photo’s, benchmarks, specifications, new technology .. and now the prices as well. The flagship Haswell model, Core i7-4770K with unlocked multiplier, was already spotted this week in some stores in Europe. The Haswell processor can be also pre-ordered from several online stores in US. What’s more, the stores list a handful of other Haswell SKUs, including i5-4670K.

PCSuperStore currently has Core i5-4430, i5-4570, i5-4570S, i5-4670, i5-4670K, i7-4770, i7-4770K and i7-4770S on pre-order, with prices ranging from $197 to $368.

The table below shows how these prices stack up against prices of Ivy Bridge products from the same store:

Ivy Bridge model Current price Haswell Model Box part number Pre-order price Difference
Core i5-3330 $197.37 Core i5-4430 BX80646I54430 $197.86 0%
Core i5-3470 $205.23 Core i5-4570 BX80646I54570 $213.69 +4%
Core i5-3470S $195.59 Core i5-4570S BX80646I54570S $205.78 +5%
Core i5-3570 $210 Core i5-4670 BX80646I54670 $236.30 +13%
Core i5-3570K $234.18 Core i5-4670K BX80646I54670K $256.65 +10%
Core i7-3770 $302.85 Core i7-4770 BX80646I74770 $328.67 +9%
Core i7-3770K $339.86 Core i7-4770K BX80646I74770K $368.07 +8%
Core i7-3770S $302.74 Core i7-4770S BX80646I74770S $320.80 +6%

With one exception, all Haswell microprocessors are currently 4% – 13% more expensive than Ivy Bridge counterparts. Pre-order prices tend to drop a bit when it gets closer to launch, but at this point it is impossible to tell whether they will drop to Ivy Bridge level, or will be a few percent higher reports cpuworld.




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  1. thanks to lack of competition from amd, i see intel gradually increasing their prices back to P4 era levels. at least it will be for top notch chips this time :/

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