SINGAPORE, 29 May 2014 – Enjoy hundreds of hours of Chinese language entertainment, news and educational programming with M1 Limited’s (M1) new Charming China package.

Available immediately on the MiBox Internet TV service, Charming China’s seven new premium channels offer popular programmes such as Amazing Chinese (出彩中国人), Sing My Song ( 中国好歌曲), Mop Lady’s Spring (抹布女也有春天),  Star Restaurant (遥控星料理) and Voice (开讲啦), to cater to the growing consumer interest in Chinese-language content.

In addition, the package features four channels specially developed for M1 by Hanya Star Culture & Technology Co. Ltd. (汉雅星空文化科技有限公司), with a focus on entertainment, health and food, and children’s edutainment content.

Launched in July 2013, MiBox delivers convenient and affordable access to an exciting library of entertainment, e-learning and gaming content to consumers who prefer an on-demand, a-la-carte media consumption model, through a user-friendly Android set-top box.

As a launch promotion, M1 customers that sign up between 29 May and 31 August will be able to enjoy the Charming China package at a promotional price of S$2.66 per month on their first three months’ subscription (usual price S$7.48 per month). Prices are inclusive of GST, and customers will be able to conveniently pay for their Charming China subscription through their M1 bill.

“With the launch of Charming China today, we have further entrenched the MiBox as the place for Singapore’s most comprehensive Chinese language programming, with 50 Chinese language TV channels,” said Mr P. Subramaniam, Chief Marketing Officer, M1.

Mr Subramaniam added: “We have continually enhanced the content offerings on MiBox, and our customers can continue to look forward to even more high-quality content this year.”

“We are pleased to work with M1 to launch the Charming China package in Singapore. Our partnership with M1 gives us the opportunity to provide high-quality Chinese content to Singapore audiences,” said Mr Shukui Liu (刘树魁), CEO, Hanya Star Culture & Technology Co. Ltd.


Charming China channels include: 

CCTV-4 delivers authoritative domestic and international news coverage, alongside entertainment and educational content. Channel highlights include Chinese Showbiz (中国文艺), Chinese World (华人世界) and Traditional Chinese Medicine (中华医药).

CCTV-Documentary/ CCTV-纪录频道国际版
CCTV-Documentary is China’s first state documentary channel and presents nature, history, and social documentaries such as Special Edition (特别呈现) and Portrait of Current Real Life (时代写真).

Beijing TV/ 北京卫视
Beijing TV, founded in 1979, is one of the most influential media companies in China. Its current affairs programmes such as Chinese Flavor (我爱中国味) are viewed by more than 250 million viewers across China, North America, and Asia.
北京卫视成立于1979年,是中国最具影响力和竞争力的主流媒体之一,以新闻节目为主体, 节目覆盖北京、国内、北美、和亚洲地区,国内总覆盖人口超过2.5亿。

Chinese Box Office/ 中国电视剧频道
The CBO channel, specially developed by Hanya Star Culture and Technology Co. Ltd. for M1’s MiBox, offers martial arts, history, idol dramas, and adaptations of famous Chinese classics including the popular Mop Lady’s Spring (抹布女也有春天) and Hawthorn Tree Forever (山楂树之恋).

Food & Health/ 美食健康频道
The Charming China Food & Health channel is a specially developed health and cooking channel with top programs from CCTV and other satellite TV stations. The programmes covers topics such as health, disease prevention, cuisines, cooking lessons and travel. Channel highlights include A Delicious Dish A Day (天天饮食) and Doctor (我是大医生).

Entertainment/ 娱乐频道
This channel offers endless hours of entertainment with reality TV programmes and talk shows including hit shows such as Sing My Song (中国好歌曲), Star Avenue (星光大道) and SuperStar DingDong (开门大吉).

Kids channel/ 少儿频道
This channel aims to help children learn through fun and interesting educational programmes. Channel highlights include Big Pinwheel (大风车) and Generation Game (动感特区).
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By Harry