If you are a traveller to Malaysia, you might be spoilt for choice for the amount of telco operators and plans. MAXIS, being the leading operator has one of the better coverage and highest download speed in Malaysia, based on OpenSignal report.

The Maxis Hotlink RED sim card is available in the KLIA or any of it’s retailers in the country. We got hold the most basic SIM for RM 10 (~USD2.39/SGD 3.28).

The RM 10 SIM card comes with 5 days of

  • FREE Basic Internet
  • 300MB Internet (valid 2 days)
  • More value now at RM5 credit
    (valid 5 days)
  • Call: 15sen/30 sec
    (all local network)
  • SMS: 15sen/sms
    (all local network)

The SIM card has a validity of 55 days after I checked with various online sources as I couldn’t find this information on it’s website.

Although it was not mentioned to me when I purchase the SIM, the card is full of surprises. One of such is that it has a monthly 10 GB add on for Facebook. That is to say, you can effectively use it for 5 days to watch videos or even stream Facebook live without worrying of it bursting the 300 MB of basic internet.

Another good news is that after you blew your 300 MB of local data, you will still be able to send data text through whatsapp. Voice calls won’t work as the data rate dropped to 0.02 Mbps. Facebook speed isn’t affected at all and we can still stream videos and do facebook messenger voice calls without any issues as data is deducted from the 10 GB.

There is an app which records your usage and SMS alerts you when you are about to reach the quota.

On the next page, we check out the performance of the SIM card at crowded shopping district at Bukit Bintang near Pavillion Mall.

By Harry