Setup and Testing


To get the Mi Watch Lite up and running, you will need to download the Xiaomi Wear app through the QR code presented to you when you first power up the watch. Turn on Bluetooth and it wlil pair it up.

You will need to register an account with Xiaomi. After which, you can start customising your Watch Face from the App or from the Mi Watch Lite.

While it is easy to access some of the workout information on the small screen swiping it left or right, i would find it easier to check them on my handset. With the Mi Wear app, you can view the status of your workout, profile, changing of watch face etc. They are easier to read under three pages – Status, Workout and Profile.

If battery runs out,you can charge the Mi Watch Lite by plugging the dock with a smartphone charger with USB port. During the charging, it will show the battery indicator and the date / time.

By Harry