MyRepublic MVNO Speedtest

A few days ago, we reported that MyRepublic Mobile started accepting applications for their supporters and friends with referral codes. We are lucky a friend passed us one and we received our SIM today.

MyRepublic 4G SIM card

We slot in the SIM card and the phone chose Starhub (postpaid) as the APN. It did show MyRepublic 3G on the right top corner of the phone. As Per instructions, we set a new APN MyRepublic and rebooted the phone. 4G finally appears. So, if you are wondering why you are only getting 3G/H+, please set up the APN as indicated in the leaflet.

I am not surprised because Starhub has bad 4G coverage for my area. I did a speedtest and it can’t even connect and the speed test aborted.

Things get better when I get closer to the window. The signal level is in the yellow zone which just pass with a 2 out of 5 bar signal.

Speedtest result was intermittent. Sometimes it aborted but sometimes it worked. I get a 20 mbps down and a 3 mbps up which is a bit disappointing I would say.

Things improve when I am at the street level. The speed and signal level improved when I am closer to the main roads.

Tested this at Clementi MRT station and it was way better.

As MyRepublic mobile rides on Starhub network, you will get the same signal level what Starhub user gets. In my view, indoor coverage is best with M1 followed by Singtel and Starhub.

Likewise, it’s MVNOs, I would prefer Circles.Life > Zero1/ZeroMobile > MyRepublic

I made a voice call (which sees the signal dropped to H+), there are no issues but it took a while to connect. There is no VoLTE and  there is also no 4G+ (CA – carrier aggregation) of bands 3 + 7 (at least on my phone)

If you are using Sony, LG, Samsung or iPhone that supports CA, comment below if you can achieve 100 Mbps and above.

I think MyRepublic has a good plan for light users and would target the middle age to elders who make calls (1000 minutes and 1000 SMS), 1 GB of data is probably more than enough for most of them. It is unknown what would be the throttled speed after bursting 1GB limit.

On next page, we take a look at the speed after the first 1 GB is used up . Click next page below.

By Harry