NB-IoT the most efficient way to power devices for a smart city

One of the applications of IoT is power metering.

Keppel Electric. As part of a collaboration, Keppel Electric is piloting the NB-IoT Energy Management Meter, which is expected to enable it to deploy power and water meters to its customers’ premises faster and more cost-effectively. These meter will further enable commercial, industrial and residential customers to track their energy usage.

This will save a lot of manpower as they device will automatically report the usage to the backend servers for billing purposes. The data collected could also be used for marketing

The device below is a sewerage monitoring IoT device that can be installed underground and signal will be able to be picked up. The equipment is being housed in a waterproof enclosure with military standard battery that can last up to 10 years. In this case, with the sensors it is able to send trigger alerts of floods etc to the central system.

With it’s low powered radio, there are plenty of areas which it can be implemented in. For example, in a smart home, the device will be able to monitor your air conditioning levels, light levels all through an app running on android or ios. Currently, this can be done but it needs to be configured properly e.g. open ports. What if the router fails, everything falls apart.

Likewise existing motion detection system for prevention of falls can be replaced with IoT as elderly might not know how to use bluetooth technology to pair devices or they might have forgetten to charge or change the batteries to get it running 24 x 7.