NB-IoT the most efficient way to power devices for a smart city

Transport facilities as in a fleet management can implement it to track the vehicles. It can also be used in smart parking (for detecting parking space).

ublox is such a company that provides the motherboard for developing your solution.  In the following picture

The picture below is a device that is powered by ublox for car park management. Basically when the car is parked, it triggers a On state to the central system to show where and when it is parked and how many slots are available. The system works even in basement carpark as the network has robust indoor penetration.

M1 is currently the first telco in South East Asia to make available the NB-IoT network to support all these projects with it’s partners. As it is a low power high indoor penetration, IoT will definitely be a game changer as it increases efficiency of any company that deploys it.