Singapore’s MRT City Hall MRT station was hit by a power trip early this Friday afternoon. Parts of the station were pitch dark after a power trip at about 1.30pm, one commuter told Channel NewsAsia.

When contacted, SMRT said the blackout affected the platforms serving the north-bound and west-bound trains but all trains were running. When contacted, Singapore Power said its power grid supply to the City Hall station was in order.

Mr Tan, a commuter at the MRT station, said: “In some areas, it’s totally pitch dark – near to the toilet area, it’s totally dark… the ticketing area is still visible. I saw everyone still (moving) in an orderly manner. No one is panicking, because announcements were being made by the station masters to inform the commuters about what happened.

“I saw an MRT personnel bringing out a signboard, and on the signboard it is indicated that the station is encountering a power failure. But the MRT trains are in working condition.”